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The foundations of "Kardelen Su “ were laid in 1993 under the name of “ KAR-SU ÇAMLICA KÖYÜ SU İŞLETMELERİ” and at the present time, it is an modern facility with the indoor space of 6.500 m² and 25.000 m² outdoor space. Our water resource is located in the unspoiled natural beauty of KEREMALİ mountain and the wellhead is completely sealed against external influences and the water is conveyed to our filling facility with stainless pipes that does not allow bacterial reproduction.
Our first meeting with the consumer occured by distributing the water to water stations with water tankers ,in the following years we met with our customers by means of bottles of 3 liters. With the changing consumption trends in the national water market,We started the production of water tube of 19 lt. "Kardelen Su" was founded with the assertion of making the best and has broken new ground in Turkey beause it was the first company obtaining the licence of filling PC- polycarbonate-- demijohn . (Licence date/number 07-10-1994/113).
With this feature ,"Kardelen Su" acted in the capacity of leader and pioneer to introduce commonly used recycled PC (polycarbonate ) demijohn system in Europe and America into our country. This step was followed by the production of PET- polyethylene terephthalate bottles of 0,5 lt, 1,5 lt and 10 lt.
Kardelen Su is classified in the first quality water category according to the analysis report of the Research Center of Medical Ecology and Hydroclimatology of İstanbul University dated 23/01/1995. Kardelen Su fulfilled the requirements of the "Regulations on Natural Mineralized Waters" published in the official gazette, dated 01.12.2004 and numbered 25657, by the Ministyry of Health at the stage of completion of the EU accession process.
Our company focused on taking Natural Mineral Water Permit and obtained said permit on 09.11.2007 with number 19 and our water has been licenced as registered Natural Mineral Water. Kardelen Su, with its spring having steady temperature and flow rate in Summer and Winter and distinguishing clarity and ideal mineral structure from other waters , KARDELEN gained a valid reputation owing to its natural taste . The production of Kardelen Su is realized untouched by human hands and protecting the naturalness by fully automatic machines and delivered to your home and offices in line with the motto "From spring to-Cup"

Our Mission & Vision

Delivery of the water to the consumers in its natural mineral state as in its own spring using state of the art technology, in sanitary and reliable way. Use of the technology and strategies in order to increase the quality and competitiveness of our company.

Our Working System

Our aim is to provide timely delivery to the orders our customers with our friendly and experienced staff. Taking into consideration the suggestions and complaints from our customers and provide fast and accurate solutions for high-quality service.

Always the best ...

Kardelen was founded with the assertion of being the best and was the first company obtaining the licence of filling PC (polycarbonate) demijohn in Turkey  (Licence Date/Number 07-10-1994/113). With this feature Kardelen Su acted in the capacity of leader and pioneer to introduce commonly used recycled PC (polycarbonate)demijohn system in Europe and America into our country.

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