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We always strive to be the best!

Our customers are our benefactor. Our first priority is to create value for our customers and  respond their expectations with  quality and stability . It is our mission to back up our products and  provide after sales support for our customers. Our main goal is to be the best in the quality ,service and relationship with supply sources and our dealers and for the  investment options to be offered to shareholders and protect and maintain our image in the public.  For the sake of this  goal, our main principle is come to the fore in the related activity areas and to be the leader in the market.

pH 8.30 Alkali

Kardelen Water contains high level of alkaline, natural minerals and calcium.

Customer Satisfaction

We have been working to improve customer satisfaction.

Always the best ...

Kardelen was founded with the assertion of being the best and was the first company obtaining the licence of filling PC (polycarbonate) demijohn in Turkey  (Licence Date/Number 07-10-1994/113). With this feature Kardelen Su acted in the capacity of leader and pioneer to introduce commonly used recycled PC (polycarbonate)demijohn system in Europe and America into our country.

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